Welcome To Spiritual Weight Loss Plan.com

Welcome my new Spiritual Weight Loss website!

I want to start by telling you my story…

After 20+ years as a successful corporate business consultant, and making a 6 figure salary, I was stressed out, overweight, exhausted, and very dissatisfied with my life. Then I found out I had cancer!  I woke up from exploratory surgery and was told I had early stage, ovarian cancer. They were able to remove it all, and with precautionary chemo therapy, I should be fine. I didn’t understand the full significance of this until the next morning, when an angel messenger in the form of the 1st shift nurse came into my room. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “I don’t think you realize what a miracle you are! They never find ovarian cancer in the early stage. It’s always found at an advanced stage, and it’s always fatal.” By now the tears were running down her cheeks and she said to me “God must have a special purpose for you!” Well that moment was my wake up call, and I made a vow that day to take advantage of this second chance to turn my life around and fulfill the purpose God has for me.

That vow started me on an amazing journey of spiritual awakening that completely transformed my life. Along the way, I learned to connect with Spirit and use divine knowledge to guide my actions each day. I learned gratitude and forgiveness, and how to feel my own feelings. I learned to accept and love all of who I am. I learned how to love, honor and nourish my body. I learned compassion and service. I learned to let my authentic, spiritual being come out of the closet. It was not always easy. I was ready to give up many times, and I had to have faith that the direction I had chosen was for my highest good, and for the highest good of my clients and audiences.

Today, I am healthy, at my ideal weight, and doing spiritual work that I love as an intuitive life coach, workshop trainer, and inspirational speaker and writer. I am also a certified Life Mastery Consultant and a business partner of Mary Morrissey, LifeSOULutions and the human potential movement. My life mission is to help people connect with Spirit to awaken their authentic selves, discover their true purpose, and create the life of their dreams.

Based on my experiences of releasing 100+ lbs in just 18 months, I have created a new coaching program, Spiritual Weight Loss: Releasing Weight From the Inside Out, to help others do the same.  My unique approach to successful weight loss is a combination of a healthy food, cleanse and exercise plan, along with a hefty dose of the Law of Attraction, and a major focus on Energy Healing and Emotional Releasing.  From my own journey to reach my “dream body” and stay there, I learned that I needed to do the inner work to heal myself first.  My healing journey followed five key steps, and it is these steps that comprise the framework for my Spiritual Weight Loss Plan:

  1. Raising Your Vibration
  2. Feeling Your Feelings
  3. Practicing Forgiveness
  4. Releasing Your Fears
  5. Listening to Your Heart

I hope that my story has been inspiring and motivating, and I’m so looking forward to helping YOU create your dream body, too!

With Love and many Releasing Blessings!


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